Business Relationship Consulting (BRC)

Business Case

How do successful IT Orgs manage change?  Part of the answer lies in the adoption of standards and repeatable processes. Within most successful IT organizations, there exist well defined standards and integrated processes that help to anticipate, evaluate, estimate, impact, plan for, and implement change in a consistent manner. In world class organizations, these standards and processes were repeatable and over time come to be recognized as “commercial best practices”.

The Evaluation Group utilizes industry standards and frameworks such as WordPress, The Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL), Lean Six Sigma and the closely related ISO/IEC 20000 standards to embody these commercial best practices to evaluate and deliver the best optimal solution to fit your needs, large or small!

What We Provide

Our business relationship manager/consultant role is a link between a service provider and your business. The role acts as a connector, orchestrator, and navigator between your IT systems and one or more business units.

A business relationship manager is the IT liaison for each department in an organization. A BRM understands all business processes and provides technology guidance to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) for IT business strategy requirements. Our service offering can help you to reduce business and IT barriers:

  • Aligns different business and IT strategies for enhanced productivity
  • Infrastructure engagement to define key strategies for the IT delivery model of an organization
  • Works to communicate and understand concerns related to IT alignment across departments
  • Works with architects to understand new technology trends and forecast future IT infrastructure requirements
  • Works as/with project managers to provide business, project and IT improvement data to stakeholders
  • Works with financial leadership on annual IT budgets and forecasts
  • Helps evaluate IT project objectives and analyzes new business initiatives

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